Pikachu and Friends

Trainer and his Pokemon challenge the Kanto League. Based on a Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke. Rated PG-PG13 for blood. Check out Stupid Steve, a collab comic between me and LGD, rite here! ( http://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=150988 )

This is still Under Construction.

Current team

Pika - Pikachu(Male)

Type = Electric

Level = 18


Pika is Trainer's most trusted Pokemon, having been his companion from birth. No one knows his origin, and the first reported seeing of this Pokemon was inside the hospital where Trainer was born, in Accumula Town. He possesses many mysterious powers, but no one truly knows the full extent of his power or his source of power. His most commonly seen power is shattering the 4th wall, having repeatedly done so in Trainer's adventures so far. Like the fabled Pikachus before him, he is much more powerful than any ordinary Pikachu, even more so than his ancestor, who journeyed the land with Ash himself. n/ His personality is queer at best. You never know how this Pikachu is feeling, unless he expresses it through a meme (then it breaks the 4th wall).